Benefits of Taking that Travel Jab Before You Take a Trip

06 Dec

It is thrilling to explore and discover new places, peoples and their cultures.   There  is a grave side to travelling though.   The reason is that you may contract bacteria or viruses that are very new to you and don't even exist in your home country.   This makes travel jabs an important way to protect your life.

Most travellers then feel quite unsettled when they factor in the issue of travel vaccines.   The environmental location that you are traveling to and the time of year will determine the kind of inoculation you require.   This article will discuss some major diseases around the world that are of concern before you travel.

One of the serious diseases is Japanese Encephalitis normally contracted through a mosquito bite and is prevalent in tropical environments.   Though its symptoms may not be very serious, it could cause problems like inflammation of the brain.   Travel jab should be administered one month before traveling and in three doses.   Culprit countries are; South East Asia, Far East, and Tropical North East Australia. Get travel vaccinations here!

Next is Malaria which is tropical disease passed to humans by Anopheles mosquitos. The  symptoms of a malaria infection begin to show 10 days to 21 days after infection and they may include all or some of the following; flu-like symptoms, joint and muscle -aches, fever, chills, vomiting, nausea and a general feeling of being sick.   A preventive anti-malarial regiment should be administred to travellers 3 weeks before tarvelling and taken for 4 weeks more after return.   Africa, The Middle East and Asia are the affected areas. Know more about medicines at

Typhoid fever is another serious disease that travelers should be concerned about.   It is contracted from contaminated food and water.   The disease is viral and symptoms are fever, headaches, and diarrhea.   This disease is dangerous.   The travel jab is administered 30 days before the day of travelling.   Apart from getting the jab, you should take care of the sources of food and water you take to ensure high standards of hygiene are observed.   The culprit regions include: Africa,Asia, Middle East, Central  and South America.

Another disease that is considered serious is the Yellow fever.   This disease is only existent in Tropical South America and Sub-Saharan Africa.   The disease is contracted through bites from mosquitoes that are infected with the virus.   The symptoms include; vomiting, headache, bleeding and jaundice.   This is a dangerous disease.   In some countries, East Africa in particular, requires a certificate of inoculation before entry.   The travel vaccine is administered 10  days before your day of travel and it lasts up to 10 years.

Its important to visit a travel clinic to get the appropriate jab for you so that you can have a successful and safe trip. Know about Yellow Fever here!

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